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Frank Smith

New Mexico House District 23

Bridging Divides / Building a United New Mexico

Let me know what issues are the most important ones facing you or New Mexico and this area.

Vote 4 Frank Smith!

General Election: November 5, 2024



I will promote job creation and support local businesses.


I will ensure children have access to the best schools.

Public Safety

I will work to help keep our neighborhoods safe.

Health Care

I will work to improve access and affordability.


I will dedicate myself to responsible water management.

Why I’m Running

I’m running because it’s time for politics to transcend party lines and focus on shared goals. I am committed to bringing people together, regardless of political affiliations, to find common-sense solutions for our shared challenges. Let’s move beyond partisanship and work together to build a stronger future for all New Mexicans. This is a recent example of partisan politics taking place over bipartisan legislation.

New Mexico has the second highest suicide rate among Veterans and in the Nation. This is a health crisis. This past legislative session, House Bill 298 was introduced to the House Labor, Veterans and Military Affairs Committee to help deal with this growing crisis. Its goal is to get Veterans and Active-Duty personnel the help they need before it’s too late.


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